Sebastian Messinger

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When I’m not travelling myself I help fellow travellers find their way to the best local businesses and hidden places. I do this by collaborating with various tourism agencies, publishing articles, vlogs and guiding tours.
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As a Film Production Major, I graduated with honours from Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Since then, I focused my work on:

Short Films (International Distribution & Prizes)
Super 8mm Films
YouTube Travel Vlogs

Tourism Promotion
Web Marketing
Social Media Management

“What do we eat around here” is the first question upon arriving somewhere new.

During my adventures, I’ve observed and filmed chefs, vendors, families, artisans, winemakers, sommeliers, strangers and friends in many different countries.

Through my lens I’ve built up an eclectic inventory of the world’s culinary and cultural heritage, collecting recipes everywhere I go. The goal being to document, imitate and share the best versions of my favourite dishes that have been created and perfected by locals and their ancestors.


Sailing is my passion.

Since successfully completing my ISSA Inshore Skipper from Palawan Sailing School in El Nido, Philippines, I’ve been looking for opportunities to connect with crew members and captains to share this passion with.

My goal is to charter sailing expeditions / food tours between different ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

So if you’re looking for a hard working skipper who can cook some mighty good food, definitely reach out to me!